FreeBSD 7.0-RC2 Available

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Feb 14 03:50:13 UTC 2008

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> Ian FREISLICH wrote:
>> Hi
>> I just installed and only now noticed this oddity (to me at least).
>> Maybe it's been explained before, but I can't quite remember.
>> I selected auto defaults for the slice editor.  The system I installed
>> (amd64) on has 16GB of RAM yet it only assigned 4GB for swap.  I
>> remember reading that on amd64 minidumps could corrupt neighbouring
>> filesystems, so a full dump could be up to 16GB.  There won't be
>> enough space for a full dump.  That said, 16GB is quite a *lot* to
>> swap out and I'm not sure how the system would perform under that
>> scenario.
> I havent seen reports of problems with minidump on amd64.  I use it myself.

Until fairly recently, there were no seatbelts to prevent the dumpsys
code from exceeding the dump partition.  It was discussed in several
forums, and the fix was developed and committed to HEAD and 7-mumble
by Ruslan a couple of weeks ago.  It was not a problem specific to any
particular platform.


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