FreeBSD RELENG_7 doesn't build

Eygene Ryabinkin rea-fbsd at
Wed Feb 13 10:47:44 UTC 2008

Oliver, good day.

Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 11:02:21AM +0100, Oliver Herold wrote:
> I did an install with FreeBSD 7 RC2 iso and updated the sources (today) to
> RELENG_7. It stops compiling after printing this error

Sources were updated via CVSup/CSup?  You're doing 'make buildworld',
aren't you? What is the output of the 'for i in *; do grep '$FreeBSD'
"$i"; md5 "$i"; done' spawned in the /usr/src/share/mk?  The output
of 'uname -a' is?

> [...]
> gzip -cn info-stnd.inf >
           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^  should be

> gzip cn >
Is it really "gzip cn", not the "gzip -cn"?  I guess you had stripped
some output from make, showing only the relevant commands or just
retyped something from the screen?

Can you try to do
  'make -C /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo -m /usr/src/share/mk clean all'?
Is the problem still persists?  If yes, what is the output of the
'make -C /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo -m /usr/src/share/mk -VCOMPRESS_CMD'?

CVSup'ped RELENG_7, spawned buildworld.  Will try to reproduce your

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