sysv IPC and shminfo ABI [solved]

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Tue Feb 12 17:55:54 UTC 2008

* Christian S.J. Peron <csjp at> [080212 09:39] wrote:
> After having some discussions with jhb, and reviewing the commit logs
> that introduced IPC_INFO, this is a non-issue.  The whole reason this
> was introduced was to satisfy Linux compatability. 
> revision 1.67
> date: 2001/10/28 09:29:07;  author: mr;  state: Exp;  lines: +45 -2
> Introduce [IPC|SHM]_[INFO|STAT] to shmctl to make
> `/compat/linux/usr/bin/ipcs -m` happy.
> This was never an intented part of the FreeBSD ABI, which explains
> why the structure is not made available to the user.  Although the size
> has changed, it doesn't matter, because the Linux ABI layer will prepare
> it's own shminfo structure as send it back out to the user.
> So, I am going to make shmctl(IPC_INFO ...) for the FreeBSD ABI return
> EINVAL, and I am going to add some serious comments around various points
> in the kernel explaining why things are there, and how they should never
> be exported.
> Thanks everyone for the input.

Hmm, sorry for the misdirection.

Wouldn't it make sense to support the Linux API though for Linux
management applications?  I guess sometime later if there is demand.

- Alfred Perlstein

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