Adaptec AHD U320 operating as only U160

Scott Long scottl at
Mon Feb 11 21:51:18 UTC 2008

Niki Denev wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2008 8:44 PM, David O'Brien <obrien at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 02:13:46PM +0200, Gelsema, P (Patrick) wrote:
>>> I do have an Adaptec SCSI Controller, and yes I use it. I boot from it.
>>> ahd0: <Adaptec 39320D Ultra320 SCSI adapter> port
>>> 0xe800-0xe8ff,0xe400-0xe4ff mem 0xdd7fe000-0xdd7fffff irq 16 at devuce
>>> 10.0 on pci1
>>> da0 at ahd0 bus 0 target 4 lun 0
>>> da0: <SEAGATE ST336753LW HPS2> Fixed Direct Access SCSI-3 device
>>> da0: 160.000MB/s transfers (80.000MHz DT, offset 63, 16 bit)
>>> da0: Command Queueing Enabled
>>> da0: 34732MB (71132960 512 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 4427C)
>>> Please note that the transferspeed is 160.00MB/s. In Freebsd 6.2 it's
>>> recognised as 320MB.
>> Gelsema & João,
>> Do you still have your U320 disks running as U160 disks with an Adaptec
>> U320 controller in 7.0 or 8-CURRENT?  I also have this problem and I've
>> traced it down to the CAM "NEW TRAN" code.
>>    ----------------------------
>>    revision 1.166
>>    date: 2006/11/02 00:54:33;  author: mjacob;  state: Exp;  lines: +0 -333
>>    2nd and final commit that moves us to CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE as the default.
>>    ----------------------------
>> Given that we're not seeing tons of reports of this issue, I wonder if
>> its related to either revision of the ASIC or firmware.  For comparison
>> here is my information from a verbose boot.
>> ahd0: <Adaptec 39320 Ultra320 SCSI adapter> port 0xb000-0xb0ff,0xa800-0xa8ff mem 0xfa8f8000-0xfa8f9fff irq 29 at device 6.0 on pci4
>> ahd0: Defaulting to MEMIO on
>> ahd0: Reserved 0x2000 bytes for rid 0x14 type 3 at 0xfa8f8000
>> ahd0: Reading VPD from SEEPROM...ahd0: VPD parsing successful
>> ahd0: Reading SEEPROM...done.
>> ahd0: STPWLEVEL is on
>> ahd0: Manual Secondary Termination
>> ahd0: Primary High byte termination Enabled
>> ahd0: Primary Low byte termination Enabled
>> ahd0: Secondary High byte termination Disabled
>> ahd0: Secondary Low byte termination Disabled
>> ahd0: Downloading Sequencer Program... 752 instructions downloaded
>> ahd0: Features 0x101, Bugs 0x8ffe3f, Flags 0x43f1
>> ahd0: [MPSAFE]
>> ahd0: [ITHREAD]
>> aic7902: Ultra320 Wide Channel A, SCSI Id=7, PCI 33 or 66Mhz, 512 SCBs
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>> -- David  (obrien at
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> I experience the same issue:


I hate to say it, but SCSI speed negotiation broke with 7.0.  I don't 
have a quick fix, and I don't know of a workaround other than to tell 
you to read the camcontrol manpage section on the 'negotiate' command 
and play with that.  I'm working on fixing the problem, but it won't be 
fixed in time for the final 7.0 release.  I'll post updates when I have
more information.


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