Disappointing speed with ZFS

Alexey Tarasov me at lexasoft.ru
Mon Feb 11 17:34:18 UTC 2008

On 11.02.2008, at 20:21, Ivan Voras wrote:

> On 11/02/2008, Alexey Tarasov <me at lexasoft.ru> wrote:
>> I've done similar tests on the other machine, and all looks fine.
>> But why on this machine ZFS works slower than UFS? When I make UFS
>> file system on the same disk, rtorrent hashing works 10 times faster.
>> And while hashing, HDD is used three times intensively with ZFS
>> (noticed by flashing LED).
>> I have an amd64 Core2Duo processor, 4 Gb of RAM, what is not enough
>> for ZFS?
>> What kernel tuning can help me?
> Ok, so you're saying that you've done similar testing (meaning
> rtorrent hashing) on other machines, and they work fine, but only this
> one is slow?

No, I mean bonnie++ tests.

> There's no usual reason why would it be so.
> Can you try the suggestion I made (dd+iostat)?

Alexey Tarasov

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