CFT: vr(4)

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Feb 11 13:05:11 UTC 2008

At 12:35 AM 2/11/2008, Pyun YongHyeon wrote:

>Sorry for late reply.
>I just returned from lunar New Year holiday.

         Happy new year :)

>  > Still seeing some "Forced Reset", although at a slightly lower
>  > rate.  The rx shutdown error is new however.
>  >
>  > vr0: vr_stop: Rx shutdown error
>  > vr0: vr_stop: Rx shutdown error
>These messages are printed from vr_stop() which is called
>to stop the operation of the NIC. By any chance do you perodically
>stop and restart the interface?

Perhaps something to do with dhclient ?

>  > vr0: Using force reset command.
>  >
>This message comes from vr_reset() which is always executed first
>in vr_init_locked(). Don't know why soft reset does not work under
>certain conditions. Datasheet for Rhine III(VT6105M, VT6105LOM)
>says nothing about it. I guess you can ignore it unless this
>message and above messages are continuously printed on your

It doesnt seem to happen too much on releng7.  I have been running 
your driver from the download page for almost a week and it happens a 
lot less than it does with the RELENG_6 version.  I know in RELENG_6, 
we periodically see the NIC wedge where it doesnt see incoming 
traffic.  Sending out a packet 'wakes it up again' and we see a
vr0: Using force reset command.
in the logs.  Havent see that yet on the modified RELENG_7 version, 
so so far so good!  I will try it on a few more boxes and do some 
more testing this week.


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