dhclient problem

Brooks Davis brooks at freebsd.org
Thu Feb 7 04:00:59 UTC 2008

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 11:21:10AM +0900, Nathan Butcher wrote:
> > # dhlient rum0
> > rum0: no link .............. giving up
> > 
> > But I remmember that I did not have this type of problem(outpput)
> > before. So is this known issue, does somebody else have this problem
> > also?
> There was some change in the codebase that seemed to cause USB attached
> wifi devices to start out in the DOWN state, instead of in the UP state.
> All you have to do is issue "ifconfig rum0 up" to get your device UP,
> and then try dhclient. It should work.

The standard scripts should be running "ifconfig xxx up" on any interface that
has an ifconfig_xxx variable in rc.conf.  Has that been broken?

-- Brooks
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