FreeBSD on Sun Fire X4100 server

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Tue Feb 5 06:25:24 UTC 2008

Daniel Eischen wrote:
> I've searched and haven't found a definitive "this all works"
> response yet.  Is anyone running some form of 7.0 or -current
> one one of these systems?  Does USB keyboard, SAS drives without
> RAID, and all ethernet devices work as expected?
I have ran 7.0 on one in the past and do not recall any problems.  Actually
I did install 7.0 on a X4100-M2 recently and no problems so far.  I plan
to upgrade the rest eventually, as time or priority permits.

I have several of them running 6.2-stable in prod, including X4100 and 
The SAS driver went in between 6.1 and 6.2, and kbdmux around the same
time made it easier to get a usb keyboard working wherever you feel like
plugging it in (otherwise the back USB port takes precedence over the
ILOM virtual USB keyboard, but the ILOM virtual USB keyboard takes
precedence over the front USB port.  The X4100 has 4 intel gig ports that
work fine.  The X4100-M2 has 2 intel and 2 nvidia, and I have only tested
the intel ports (although im sure the others were probed by a default 

I've used the SAS drives, I had the best luck with the integrated mirroring
(may have had stability problems using GEOM-mirror) and definitely had
major stability problems when using (unsupported) SATA drives in it
with GEOM-mirror.  The chipset had some poor speed interactions with
the SATA drives anyway.

I can provide more information on some of the ILOM upgrading quirks and
procedures if wanted.  Assembling all the version prerequisites and noting
drawbacks of some versions took me a while. 

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