Symbol versioning errors in libthr

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Sun Feb 3 16:27:30 UTC 2008

"Peter Wemm" <peter at> writes:
> I'm not sure I see the point in that.  Consider the not-moving-to-1.1
> case.  If somebody takes an 8.0 binary and runs it on 7.x, then
> they'll get a 'symbol not found' error.  On the other hand, if they're
> moved and somebody tries the same thing, then they still get the same
> kind of 'symbol not found' error but with just one character
> different.

As you point out, it doesn't make much practical difference, so why not
do it right?  Why leave a bad example around for people who are trying
to understand symbol versioning by looking at how it's done in existing

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