HEADS UP!!! rr232x driver has been removed!!! [Re: cvs commit: src/sys/dev/rr232x...]

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Sun Feb 3 07:22:28 UTC 2008


The rr232x driver has been removed at the request of Highpoint.  The 
reason is that is has been superseded by the hptrr driver and is no
longer supported by Highpoint.  If you use this	driver, you must
update your kernel config and/or module loading config to point to the
hptrr driver instead.  Please direct any questions or concerns about
this to me.  The driver will also be removed from the RELENG_7 tree
and the upcoming 7.0 release.


Scott Long wrote:
> scottl      2008-02-03 07:07:30 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/conf             files.amd64 files.i386 
>     sys/i386/conf        GENERIC NOTES 
>     sys/amd64/conf       GENERIC NOTES 
>   Removed files:
>     sys/dev/rr232x       LICENSE README amd64-elf.rr232x_lib.o.uu 
>                          array.h him.h himfuncs.h hptintf.h 
>                          i386-elf.rr232x_lib.o.uu ldm.h list.h 
>                          os_bsd.c os_bsd.h osm.h osm_bsd.c 
>                          rr232x_config.c rr232x_config.h 
>     sys/modules/rr232x   Makefile 
>   Log:
>   Remove the rr232x driver.  It has been superceded by the hptrr driver.

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