FreeBSD 7.0 on DVD

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sat Feb 2 14:13:38 PST 2008

"Kevin Oberman" <oberman at> wrote:
> Did you get my suggestion for fixing this?

If that private mail contained more info than last public posting,
I'd appreciate a copy if you still have it please.
(Yours was only list posting I missed)

>  Does it not work with sedit?
> (Assuming you use sedit.)

I've only generally used sedit before to append eg .jpg etc.  On
clicking Reply it goes to hex. I'll experiment.  (But if you know
key clicks or have a Preferences set for reference, please send, Thanks.

> It works fine for me using Xemacs as my
> editor.
> In case my suggestion didn't make it, click "Preferences" and select
> "Quoting", then turn off "Only symlink".


> That causes it to process both
> base64 and quoted-printable properly in the included quoted text.

Made no difference after restart.

FreeBSD web site fails to display base64, but charset="koi8-r no problem.

With base 64 unreadable:

Without base 64 readable.

Julian Stacey.  BSD Unix Linux Net Consultant, Munich.

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