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Fri Feb 1 10:54:37 PST 2008

2008/2/1 Bachilo Dmitry <root at>:

> Good day, everybody.
> As far as I know there will be now 3 installation CDs for FreeBSD 7.0, I
> wonder, isn't it a time to begin making the FreeBSD installation DVDs.
> Sinse
> most people already have this drive anyway, why not make the DVD al least
> as
> an option? It would so ease the install process, which now require to
> change
> the CDs making the autoinstall impossible.
> What do I understand wrong?
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Hi Dmitry,

from an announcement email:

"Using the i386 architecture as an example, there are ISO images named
``bootonly'', ``disc1'', ``disc2'', and ``docs''. The ``bootonly'' image is
suitable for booting a machine to do a network based installation using FTP
or NFS. The ``disc1'' and ``disc2'' images are used to do a full
installation that includes a basic set of packages and does not require
network access to an FTP or NFS server during the installation. In addition,
``disc1'' supports booting into a ``live CD-based filesystem'' and system
rescue mode. The ``docs'' image has all of the documentation for all
supported languages. Most people will find that ``disc1'' and ``disc2'' are
all that are needed."

If you want to perform a network installation you can even download the
small floppy images.
Why create a full DVD if can download the desired system/packages/etc over
the net?
Most pkgs from the CDs are out of date months after they were put on CD.

If you really need a DVD you can folloe the instructions on


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