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> My EXMH doesnt seem to repond well above, clicking on reply.

Well, I'm using KMail and write to this mailing list for a while now, there 
was no such prublem before

> This could be a FAQ !
> There are already others rollings DVDs of BSD, I can't remember
> URLs, look on maybe based on FreeBSD or ? & Others
> been doing it for years too for commercial sale.
> As FreeBSD can't give up rolling CDs, rolling DVDs would just be
> More work for the re@ team, so it's their choice if they want to
> do yet more work. I guess they might not as they've just pushed out
> 6.3 & still working on 7.0 :-)
> Nothing to stop others writing scripts on top of or diffs to src/release to
> generate DVDs, ( I did similar years back for my own CD set extensions)
> but it's work maintaining changes to src/release & ports build, &
> then you need to distribute your images. More unpaid work.
> Would be attractive if FreeBSD were a a commercial company.
> (& some of re@ work I think for CD/DVD distributors), so maybe
> already available via eg FreeBSDMall or whoever else if you pay $$.
> Additionaly, free ftp mirror sites might not be keen on larger
> incremental loads of DVD size rather than CD size.
> Click via Getting FreeBSD
> to
> and you can "Pre-Order FreeBSD 7.0 DVD"

Ok, I see, didn't realize that it is so hard to do. Speaking about DesktopBSD, 
well, I'm working on this distro myself as a translator, and ofcourse I've 
used it. Well... lets just say I prefere pure FreeBSD and that's it. The 
problem of buying or making DVDs myself is the time, distros usually become 
out-of-date before the order arrives, as well as those distributives, sold in 
my city, it is 5.4 for now. Isn't that stupid? I now have 6.1 release from 
some internet shop, and there is nothing it can be usefull for me in. If I 
only could now download 7.0-RC2 DVD and Install it on some server right now, 
that would be a pleasure, but I will have to work as a CD-changer instead. 
Well, nothing I can do.

> Anyone know if Dimitry should change his mailer sender config &/
> or If I need a config tweak to my EXmh-2.7.2 On FreeBSD-6.2-RELEASE,
> to avoid the mess above on clicking "Reply-All".  (No I'm not looking
> for "Abandon EXMH, use my better XYZ", but if there's a
> config tweak to EXMH ? )

Did not get this, do I do anything wrong?

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