if_le unit number change?

David O'Brien obrien at freebsd.org
Tue Dec 30 17:21:44 UTC 2008

On Thu, Dec 04, 2008 at 02:38:27PM -0500, John Baldwin wrote:
> I tend to trim my /boot/device.hints to remove hints for devices that
> aren't in my machines.  However, with 8.0, if you leave the bogus hints
> around you won't be hurt and the device will stay as 'le1' so long as
> you don't remove the 'le0' hints, so if you never edit your
> /boot/device.hints it will just be called le1 forever.

I dare say 99% of folks don't touch /boot/device.hints - and given this
is somewhat of a regression for VMware using folks (and they cannot share
/etc/rc.conf any longer), what should we do?

1. Comment out the hint - figuring it isn't really needed in 8.0?
2. Hack things so that 'le' is treated as before with the trip thru

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