HEADSUP: arp-v2 has been committed

Hartmut Brandt hartmut.brandt at dlr.de
Tue Dec 23 22:27:59 UTC 2008

Li, Qing wrote:
> Hi Hartmut,
> I appreciate your candid feedback. You raised many valid points. 
> I combined both of your emails in this reply, please see my 
> comments below ...

> You are absolutely right. This was a complete oversight on my part.
> I was telling myself "I think I am forgetting something". 
> ... then I remembered when the first port breakage report arrived ;-)
> To be fair though, I did send a message titled 
> "last call for L2/L3 rewrite code review" a week before the commit
> to net@, current@ and all of the developers.
> And I have sent many emails on this subject in the past few years.
> A couple of points I hope you could recognize:
> 1. The arp-v2 project replaces a major networking kernel design and 
>    all of its dependencies that have been in operation for many years 
>    (16+ ??). The networking kernel went through quite a surgery so 
>    do expect things will continue to evolve.
> 2. This is the first time I am making such a major change in the
>    kernel. Since I am still learning the process, I am bound to
>    make mistakes but I will not repeat these mistakes in the future.
>    My goal is to be diligent in monitoring the problem reports and
>    provide timely responses and fixes.
> And finally I want to thank you and others for your hard work in
> helping me cleaning up the ports.

Well, my mail was probably somewhat harsh, I'm usually more polite. You 
know, that's the kind of mood you are in after a couple of hours of 
useless work. Of course I appreciate your work and, I must say, you're 
an hero for taking this.

In any case there is still an Todo on my side: the routing information 
for NETNATM is currently lost somewhere between L2 and L3 :-) I guess I 
come back to you in the new year to fix this issue... Have to fetch my 
ATM equipment from the corner where it is collecting dust to setup a 

In the mean time I will do an bsnmp import to fix the arp table problem.

keep on your good work,

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