HEADSUP usb2 (usb4bsd) to become default in 2 weeks.

Pegasus Mc Cleaft ken at mthelicon.com
Tue Dec 23 10:43:25 UTC 2008

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> On Tuesday 23 December 2008, Pegasus Mc Cleaft wrote:
>> I believe that the Prolific USB serial adapter is broken on AMD64.  I 
>> tried
>> one of the adapters on my machine and no matter what serial speed I was
>> selecting with cu it would come back with an error stating the speed was
>> unsupported. I moved the adapter to a 8-current machine (i386) with the
>> usb1 stack and everything worked fine.
>> Peg
> Are you sure that this is not an mpsafetty problem?
> Also, try to turn on debugging (I386+AMD):
> sysctl hw.usb2.uftdi.debug=15
> What happens with USB2+I386+UFTDI?
> --HPS

    Thats a good point..  I'll try that when I get home tongiht and see what 
happens. The two machines are of different archecture (the AMD is a Core2 
Quad  and the i386 is a Intel single core). I'll try bouncing both machines 
between the USB1 and USB2 stack and see if I can get a more detailed report.

    I have also built some PCB's based around the FTDI chip for an embedded 
project I did, so I can give you a report on those as well. Im not sure what 
the Prolific adapters use..


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