kernel crash on destroy a cloned wireless interface

Octavian Ionescu itavy at
Sat Dec 20 16:17:33 UTC 2008

it happens on both of them. i attached the dump from the usb one. (i  
use usb2 stack too on this)

what is strange is that if i unplug the usb one the crash doesn't happen.

the other one is an ndis driver for rt2860 chipset.
i have put the dump from it on


Quoting "Paul B. Mahol" <onemda at>:

> On 12/20/08, Octavian Ionescu <itavy at> wrote:
>> hi,
>> i have an integrated wireless interface and an usb one. i wanted to
>> switch between them to do some tests and each time i try "ifconfig
>> wlan0 destroy" i get a kernel panic.
>> here is the kernel dump after one of the crashes.
> Hmm, first you dont need to destroy wlan0 interface before using
> another one, just create wlan1;
> second i dont have such problem, but I use usb2 stack. So your problem
> is that "ifconfig wlan0 destroy" panic only with wlan0 from rum0 and
> not one from integrated card?
> --
> Paul

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