(timeout) error during cd fixation

Jaakko Heinonen jh at saunalahti.fi
Wed Dec 17 15:16:10 UTC 2008


On 2008-12-14, Alexander Best wrote:
> as far as i remember this issue (ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE): Input/output error) has
> always been present in burncd (since RELENG4 oder RELENG5).
> i found a PR in feedback state dealing with this problem
> (http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=95979&cat=bin). the PR includes a
> patch which i applied. however that didn't solve the issue.
> the problem seems to be the timeout variable used in acd_fixate() in
> sys/dev/ata/atapi-cd.c. it get's set to:
> int timeout = 5*60*2;
> changing timeout to a higher value doesn't make much of a difference though,
> because it gets altered a bit further down in the src.

It's divided by burning speed. It seems that the approximation doesn't
work very well at higher burning speeds.

> that's the reason the
> patch didn't fix the issue for me. this is the code where timout gets altered
> again:
>     /* some drives just return ready, wait for the expected fixate time */
>     if ((error = acd_test_ready(dev)) != EBUSY) {
>         timeout = timeout / (cdp->cap.cur_write_speed / 177);
>         pause("acdfix", timeout * hz / 2);
>         return acd_test_ready(dev);
>     }
> it seems my drive doesn't return EBUSY, although it's still busy. that's why

I think I've found the bug now. Looks like ata_atapicmd() can never
really return EBUSY which is expected in acd_fixate(). When
acd_test_ready() (ata_atapicmd()) reports correctly the busy state
there's no need for use the expected wait time method.

I will take a closer look when I have more time. In the mean time could
you try this patch?

Index: sys/dev/ata/ata-queue.c
--- sys/dev/ata/ata-queue.c	(revision 186213)
+++ sys/dev/ata/ata-queue.c	(working copy)
@@ -434,7 +434,8 @@ ata_completed(void *context, int dummy)
-	if ((request->u.atapi.sense.key & ATA_SENSE_KEY_MASK ?
+	if (!request->result &&
+	     (request->u.atapi.sense.key & ATA_SENSE_KEY_MASK ?
 	     request->u.atapi.sense.key & ATA_SENSE_KEY_MASK : 
 	    request->result = EIO;

> dd: /dev/acd0: Input/output error

This is unrelated and AFAIK expected.


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