setfib not ready ?

Ole Vole subbsd at
Tue Dec 9 05:51:24 UTC 2008

Hello maillist,

i want looking for multiple route table in HEAD. So, i try

setfib -F 1 route add default
setfib -F 1 netstat -rn
but it return:
setfib: 1: invalid FIB (max 0)

(setfib -F 0 work correct- with netstat -rn print my default route table)

sysctl: oid 'net.fibs' is read only for

sysctl -w net.fibs=2
however in the case seting net.fibs at loader stage (loader.conf) it not 
change something for adding route table.

Is setfib(2) not ready for testing yet ? 

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