Call for testers: Atheros AR8121(L1E)/AR8113/AR8114(L2E) ethernet

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at
Mon Dec 8 15:54:02 PST 2008

> Firstly:  The output of "pciconf -lcv" relating to the device in
> question would be essential.

[steve at dynstant ~/projects]$ sudo pciconf -lcv
none1 at pci0:2:0:0:	class=0x020000 card=0x28001565 chip=0x20481969
rev=0xa0 hdr=0x00
    vendor     = 'Attansic (Now owned by Atheros)'
    device     = 'L2 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Controller'
    class      = network
    subclass   = ethernet
    cap 01[40] = powerspec 2  supports D0 D3  current D0
    cap 05[48] = MSI supports 1 message, 64 bit
    cap 10[58] = PCI-Express 1 endpoint

Well,  it seems someone is not telling the truth here!  pciconf
reports L2, whereas the manufacturer said L1E.  Guess I got rev'd on.

Thanks anyways, y'all.


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