HEADS UP: r185435 multi-IPv4/v6/no-IP jails in HEAD

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at lists.zabbadoz.net
Fri Dec 5 01:15:09 PST 2008

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008, Peter Jeremy wrote:


> On 2008-Dec-02 21:00:23 -0500, alexus <alexus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> as far as I understood HEAD is 8.0-CURRENT
> Yes.
>> is there a way for us to start using it before 8.0 hits -RELEASE
> There are two ways.  The first is:
> 1) Checkout a copy of the HEAD src tree via your chosen source tracker
>   (cvs/cvsup/ctm/...)
> 2) Follow the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING to build and install
> 3) Test well on a non-production box in as close to your production
>   environment as possible.  Be prepared to feed back problems and
>   test fixes.
> 4) Once you are satisfied that it works for you, place it in production.
> This is basically the same as any other FreeBSD release except that you
> should test more rigourously.

That's for running HEAD. I would be careful doing this on a production
system if one does not know what one is really doing when doing this;)

> Your second option is to take the patches from r185435 and apply them
> to your 7.x source tree.  This may take some massaging (I'm not sure
> how much 7 and 8 differ in the affected areas).  bz@ may be interested
> in your experiences.  Then test and roll-out as above.

There is difference, though not much. Thus just taking the patch won't
work but the solution was posted like 2 weeks ago:
Look for where it says "RELENG_7".

>> lucky), I somehow was under impression (and i guess i was wrong) that
>> it will come out in 7.1,
> It's far too late for any new features in 7.1 but the commit log says
> it should be in 7.2.

Yupp that's the plan.
And the reason it will not be in 7.1-RELEASE is that noone provided
the needed bribing money. See
(not serious here). It's been just too late.


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