Enormous utmp since mpsafetty

Ollivier Robert roberto at keltia.freenix.fr
Wed Aug 27 11:46:26 UTC 2008

According to Gary Jennejohn:
> There are many more pseudo-ttys in /etc/ttys now.  AFAIK utmp allocates
> an entry for every one of them at startup.

utmp concepts are ancient.  It is indexed by the tty/pty number so can grow
rather large but it should be a sparse one too.  I remember talks about
replacing it with something a bit more modern.  Backward compatibility is
assured through login(3) although it would break programs digging in the
utmp file itself.  SVR4 had utmp/utmpx and setutline/getutline BTW...

cf. sessreg(1)

       System  V has a better interface to utmp than BSD; it dynamically allo-
       cates entries in the file, instead of writing them at  fixed positions
       indexed by position in /etc/ttys.

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