HEADSUP new usb code coming in.

Antony Mawer fbsd-current at mawer.org
Sun Aug 24 04:57:16 UTC 2008

On 23/08/2008 8:08 PM, Volker wrote:
> On 12/23/-58 20:59, Antony Mawer wrote:
>> M. Warner Losh wrote:
>>> In message: <48AB566B.5010507 at mawer.org>
>>>             Antony Mawer <fbsd-current at mawer.org> writes:
>>> : Warner Losh wrote:
>>> : > From: Bakul Shah <bakul at bitblocks.com>
>>> : > Subject: Re: HEADSUP new usb code coming in. : > Date: Tue, 19 Aug
>>> 2008 14:18:13 -0700
>>> : > : >> On Tue, 19 Aug 2008 22:44:20 +0200 Hans Petter Selasky
>>> <hselasky at c2i.net>  wrote:
>>> : >>> New stuff (all of which I can remember right now):
>>> : >>     ...
>>> : >>
>>> : >> Accidentally unplugging a mounted USB disk (without
>>> : >> unmounting it) resulted in a hang or a crash.  Is this fixed?
>>> : > : > That's fixed in -current right now with the old stack.  It
>>> isn't a usb
>>> : > issue at all, but a buffer cache issue.
>>> : : Is this change that is likely to be MFC'd in time for 7.1? And/or
>>> is : there a specific patch that can manually be applied to -STABLE to
>>> fix this?
>>> I should spend the time to dig into the changes in current.  There
>>> turned out to be several little changes...  And I need to verify all
>>> the edge cases were covered...
>> I'd be happy to test patches if you do end up doing this.. it would be
>> really nice to have in 7.1, or at least available as a patchset if it
>> isn't suitable for MFC (eg. ABI changes)...
> I'm a bit behind with reading emails. Please forgive me if this has
> already been answered.
> Don't expect the new USB stack for 7.1-R. It's too short and the new USB
> stack will introduce an ABI breakage. For that, all drivers written for
> the old USB stack need to be rewritten and I guess, we need to take care
> about 3rd party developers and inform them in advance about that massive
> change. I would not wonder if this will never get MFC'd but I don't know
> actually.

This wasn't about the new USB stack -- we were discussing the buffer 
cache and CAM-related fixes that prevents the system from panic'ing when 
a USB device is unplugged without first unmounting the filesystem. These 
patches are in HEAD with the existing USB stack. :-)


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