Unicode-based FreeBSD

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Sun Aug 24 00:02:15 UTC 2008

Marcel Moolenaar wrote:

> I've been working on this for a bit. The approach I took was
> to 1) kick syscons out, 2) write a VGA driver that works in
> graphics mode, 3) create a terminal driver that uses UNICODE
> internally (that is, it uses UTF-32) and that can support
> different terminal emulations, 4) start a VT100/VT102 terminal
> emulation driver.

AFAIK this is what Linux did and I think it's the Right Way To Do It
(based on seeing it work). Massaging UTF-8 into 8-bit text mode in
console could be nice but is of very limited usefulness today.

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