CFT/CFR: NDIS(4) USB support

Paul B. Mahol onemda at
Sat Aug 23 15:49:38 UTC 2008

On 7/24/08, Weongyo Jeong <weongyo.jeong at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> It looks that NDIS USB support works for some USB wireless drivers so
> I'd like to call for tests to everyone who interested in NDIS for
> FreeBSD.  I have 7 USB wireless adapters and with current NDIS USB
> support 4 of 7 adapters are supported.  The detail is as follows:
> Working:
>   U-Khan UW-2054i (Marvell Libertas chipset)
>   Netgear WG111v2 (Intersil/Prism chipset) - supported by upgt(4)
>   EFM-IPTIME G054U2 (Ralink RT2573) - supported by rum(4)
>   ZCOM XM-142 (Intersil/Prism chipset, another revision)
> Not working:
>   Unicorn WL-54G (ZyDAS zd1211b chipset) - supported by zyd(4)
>     Attaching is working sucessfully and LED works fine but it's not
>     UPed.
>   Zyxel G-200v2 (ZyDAS zd1211 chipset) - supported by zyd(4)
>     The sympotom is same with Unicorn WL-54G.
>   SMCWUSBT-G-CA EZ 108Mbps (Atheros chipset)
>     This NDIS driver uses some functions which aren't supported by
>     current NDIS implementation.  So I can't test it now.
> The patch for HEAD can be found at:
> When you try to test this patch, you should make sure that ndiscvt(8)
> is updated.  Some instructions like below could be helpful:
>   # cd /usr/src
>   # patch -p0 < ~/patch_ndisusb_20080724.diff

Here it asked me politely what to do:
I dont have share/man/man4/man4.i386/ndis.4
but I have share/man/man4/ndis.4

>   # cd usr.sbin/ndiscvt
>   # make && make install
>   # cd ~/
>   # ndisgen ABC.inf ABC.sys
>   # cd /usr/src/sys/modules/ndis
>   # make
>   # kldload ./ndis.ko

Here I get:
link_elf: symbol M_USBDEV undefined

and kernel will not load it.
I have custom kernel without usb stuff (it is loaded via module)
The only place where M_USBDEV is defined is in sys/dev/usb/usb.h
and I'm somehow at dead end.

>   # cd /usr/src/sys/modules/if_ndis

I can load new if_ndis.ko with old ndis.ko but that is not usefull.

>   # make
>   # kldload ./if_ndis.ko
>   # kldload ~/ABC_sys.ko
> It seems that the current status of NDIS USB support is beta status so
> I'm not sure I've implemented all features yet that it needs more
> debugging and stability.  I don't have all H/Ws for testing! :)
> Please tell me if you were successful or you failed though it looks
> it's not easy to debug NDIS .sys binary using disassembler.
> Any help and comments are welcome.  Thanks.
> regards,
> Weongyo Jeong
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