Unicode-based FreeBSD

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 11:04:56 UTC 2008


2008/8/23, Ed Schouten <ed at 80386.nl>:

> I am not sure how profitable it is to implement this. It makes the TTY
> code a lot more complex than it is right now. I think 90% of the time,
> the TTY is configured to run in non-canonical mode anyway. I think we
> should let this wait until we have an UTF-8 capable syscons.

The syscons is exactly what I am examining. I currently have an idea how to
make syscons UTF-8 aware with minimal changes. However, there are two steps
that I want to perform:

1) Check out the latest source code, patch it and see how it will work.

2) Post a description of changes and patch (or check changes in).

If this modification is desired, can you tell me how to check out the
syscons? I'd like to test modified system myself and then come up with a
working solution.

Some information about myself: I am 26 years old senior software engineer
working in XML Engineering Department of Cisco in Saratov, Russia. Mostly I
deal with network applications created using C and C++. I am a user of
FreeBSD operating system for several years, but this is my first attemp to
contribute to the project.

It also could be nice if someone tell me what is the appropriate mailing
list to discuss general questions like how to contribute to the project,
what are the established proceudres of starting some work (notifying
orhers), of checkin changes in and so on.

Alexander Churanov

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