request for testers - xen support for domU in head

Greg Larkin glarkin at
Sat Aug 23 03:04:52 UTC 2008

Kip Macy wrote:
> Basic Xen support for 32-bit in PAE mode is in CVS. Please see the
> wiki for general information:
> Please be forewarned that I am not claiming that this is
> production-ready. There are many known limitations. If you would like
> to take it for a test drive and report bugs please give it a spin.
> Thanks,
> Kip
Hi Kip,

Thanks very much for the effort here.  I'm looking forward to trying it
out and providing feedback.

I'm not really familiar with Xen, but perhaps enough to ask this
question: Does this mean that Amazon EC2 will be able to boot FreeBSD

Thank you,

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