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On 2008-Aug-22 17:04:00 +0200, Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:
>Just so everyone is on the same page, what is needed to keep sun4v 
>viable are people with experience with (or intention to learn about) low 
>level architectural and implementation details of the FreeBSD kernel

What documentation is currently accurate for this beyond the source
code?  The only things I can quickly find are: "Design & Implementation
of FreeBSD 5.2" and "FreeBSD Architecture Handbook".  The former is
getting quite old and I'm not sure how up-to-date the latter is kept.

>the sun4v hardware platform,

Is the documentation at
and adequate for this
or is there additional information that is needed?  Is there any tutorial
style documentation on the low-level T1/T2 details?

> who know their way around things like 
>pmap.c and other MD places where the kernel interfaces with the "bare 

I've poked around the low-level details of FreeBSD/i386 and /Alpha in
the past, though I'm nothing like an expert at it.  sun4v/sun4v is
only about twice the size of a 6th Edition kernel...

> and who are willing to make a long term (multi-year) commitment
>to supporting the platform.


Is there a summary of the open issues somewhere?  There are no sun4v
PRs open. effectively hasn't
been touched since November 2006 and suggests that the only critical
issue is lack of serial port support.

Peter Jeremy
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