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On 2008-Aug-21 14:42:55 -0700, Kip Macy <kmacy at> wrote:
>I believe that there is a general expectation by freebsd users and
>developers that unsupported code should not be in CVS. Although sun4v
>is a very interesting platform for developers doing SMP work, I simply
>do not have the time or energy to maintain it. If someone else would
>like to step up and try his hand I would be supportive of his efforts.
>In the likely event that no one steps forward by the time that 7.1 is
>released I will ask that it be moved to the Attic.

Since there are no other current SPARC CPUs that FreeBSD can run on
(the US-II has been obsolete for about 6 years and FreeBSD won't run
on any more recent sun4u chips), that will also remove the
justification for maintaining a SPARC64 port.

I don't have the knowledge or available time to maintain the sun4v
port by myself but would be happy to be part of a team doing so.  One
impediment I have is that I don't have a T-1 or T-2 system that I can
dedicate to FreeBSD.  I could work on FreeBSD in a guest domain - but
since FreeBSD doesn't support either the virtual disk or virtual
network, actually getting FreeBSD running there presents somewhat of a

Peter Jeremy
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