ypbind looping

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at komquats.com
Thu Aug 21 22:43:37 UTC 2008

I just updated my testbed to the latest current only to discover it hanging 
during boot. The same server also runs 7.0 and 6.3 (from different 
partitions in i386 and amd64 modes) -- no problems there. As of the latest 
current (updated from current of July 15) ypbind calls 
ypproc_domain_nonack. When ypserv on the server transmits its reply the 
ypbind child process has already exited and a response of port unreach is 
sent by the client machine.

Any ideas? I do notice a large rpcsec_gss commit two weeks ago.

Cy Schubert <Cy.Schubert at komquats.com>
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