HEADSUP new usb code coming in.

David Naylor naylor.b.david at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 14:45:29 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 19 August 2008 21:44:13 Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> After a long period of review and testing I am on the verge of
> committing Hans Peter's new usb stack to -current.
> The patchset requires a SMALL _493_ line diff to the main code,
> mostly bug fixes to arm.  And then a large number of new files
> for the usb system.
> The new usb system will be committed as separate files with
> the intention of folding them over the old files before the
> 9.0 release.
> The diff to the main files is here:
> http://mu.org/~bright/usb2/usb2_release_001.diff
> The whole diff, including new files is here:
> http://mu.org/~bright/usb2/usb4bsd.diff.gz
> FAQ:
> Q. Has this been reviewed?
> A. Yes, pretty strongly by myself and we've consulted with
> various others, Warner, Scott and Andrew for review/testing.
> I wouldn't say that Warner or Scott have given full review
> but just about all questions have been answered.
> Q. Can we change the name from "usb2_" to my favorite name?
> A. No.   This is for a short period, stop being so annoying.
> Q. What about the old usb code?
> A. What about it? :D
> Q. What about ttys?
> A. I don't know, we'll address the mpsafe aspects of ttys shortly,
> Hans is very responsive to SMP issues.
> Q. Shouldn't you wait?
> A. Wait for what?  No.
> Q. I have some whitespace nits, can you do those?
> A. No.  It's a 100k line diff and a 3meg delta, we tried really hard
> to get all whitespace right, but you're welcome to point things out after
> the commit.
> Thanks!

This sounds great :-)

I see that in the patch usb2 is not enabled in the kernel by default.  Is 
there a timeline for it to be enabled and/or could you provide an alternate 
kernel config with usb2 enabled (temporarily)?

Lastly, is there a web-page where one can check up on the progress of the 
integration of the new code (and the removal of the old code) [preferably an 
up-to-date web-page]. 

Thanks for the great work


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