HEADSUP new usb code coming in.

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Tue Aug 19 22:49:58 UTC 2008

| By Alfred Perlstein <alfred at freebsd.org>
|                                          [ 2008-08-19 22:28 +0200 ]
> > As user I think this is great news. Old usb is so buggy and there are 
> > lot of PR that are not addressed
> > only because in the new usb stack they are fixed or just does not exist 
> > and nobody care for the old usb anymore.
> Yup! :)

I've been waiting with bated breath as well.  Well done all!  Can't wait to
try it.  I believe atleast one of those PRs is mine so I'll make a point of
sending an update on it after testing the new system. :)


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