FreeBSD/AVR32 port

Arnar Mar Sig antab at
Mon Aug 11 22:50:08 UTC 2008

Is the patch to bring AVR32 into the tree. Patch over a copy of - 
CURRENT as of today, this patch will break other archs at the moment.  
Patch with: patch -p1 < freebsd-avr32.patch.
Build with the "build" script that is in the source root. Make sure to  
have avr32-linux-* tools and mkimage are in your PATH.

Kernel is downloaded with tftp to the board, you will need to  
configure tftpd so you can download kernel.uboot, found in NGW100  
objdir after build

My U-Boot variables for booting:
	bootcmd=tftpboot; bootm
	ipaddr=<board address>
	serverip=<tftp server address>

At the moment i'm working on pmap and exception handling. I'm learning  
about freebsd internals as i work on this port so i welcome any help  
with pmap

On Aug 11, 2008, at 2:49 PM, Arnar Mar Sig wrote:
> Attached are instruction how to get binutils, gcc and uboot mkimage  
> for avr32 working on FreeBSD.
> Dont be put off by the avr32-linux target, the avr32 target is  
> broken or at last i haven't been able to get it working, and it  
> dosen't matter because no linux specific code is included in the end.
> I have no intrest in trying to get the toolchain into the freebsd  
> tree until Atmel has submitted they're changes upstream, and the  
> fact that some Atmel gcc patches seem to break other arch builds.
> I will post patches for FreeBSD/AVR32 later today.
> <build-avr32-gcc.txt>
> Greets
> 	Arnar Mar Sig
> 	Valka ehf
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