MPSAFE TTY schedule delay: 10 days

Ed Schouten ed at
Fri Aug 8 10:56:06 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

Today it's August 8, which means I should have sent you the following:

* Ed Schouten <ed at> wrote:
> August 8 2008:
> 	Send the last heads-up to the lists, to warn people about the
> 	big commit.
> August 10 2008:
> 	Commit the new MPSAFE TTY driver in several commits (first
> 	commit the layer itself, then commit changes to drivers one by
> 	one).

After some discussion, I decided to delay the import of the MPSAFE TTY
code 10 days. This means I'm going to send the big heads-up on August 18
(last day of the DevSummit).

As usual, I should point people to the following URL:

> Please, make sure we can make this a smooth transition by
> testing/reviewing my code. I tend to generate diffs very often. They can
> be downloaded here:

It would be really nice if I could get some more reviews on the MPSAFE
TTY code. Thanks!

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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