ZFS patches.

Claus Guttesen kometen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 10:15:11 UTC 2008

>>> I have a areca arc-1680 sas-card and an external sas-cabinet with 16
>>> sas-drives each 1 TB (931 binary GB). They have been setup in three
>>> raidz-partitions with five disks each in one zpool and one spare.
>> My conclusion about it's stability was a bit hasty. I was copying
>> approx. 400 GB from a nfs-share mounted from a solaris 9 on sparc
>> using tcp and read- and write-size of 32768. The files are images
>> slightly less than 1 MB and a thumbnail (approx. 983000 files).
> There seems to be a hardware-related problem to my setup. I'm getting
> some 'arcmsr0: scsi id=1 lun=4 ccb='0xffffff02d5cc8e00' outstanding
> command timeout' (in solaris). I'll check with my vendor. I did not
> see such errors in FreeBSD.

I changed the configration on the areca arc-1680-card and put all
disks in throughput-mode and is now able to copy large amounts of data
(more than 1 TB) without problems. I have 'zpool offline'd a disk and
'zpool replace'd it with a spare. The resilver is progressing as
normal and the zpool is accessible.


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