Reminder: non-mpsafetty drivers to be connected on Sunday

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Aug 3 20:19:35 UTC 2008

In message: <20080803194844.GA99951 at>
            Ed Schouten <ed at> writes:
: * M. Warner Losh <imp at> wrote:
: > You are moving too fast on this.  Please slow down.  You promised
: > documentation and such, but that hasn't happened, so a slowdown in
: > your timeline is justified.
: It's really unfortunate you happen to mention this issue right now.
: After the message by Peter two days ago, I think I sent him enough
: documentation to get him started. As discussed with scottl and rwatson,
: I extended this documentation to something more usable:
: But indeed, this doesn't justify that I haven't written this earlier on.

Yes, it is unfortunate that I mention it now.  I should have said
something sooner too.  However, I'm not saying anything that hasn't
been said by others in the past few days and weeks.  I'm just yelling
it more loudly than they chose to.  I saw the earlier discussions, and
thought things were going well, but haven't had the time to pay
attention in the last couple of weeks.  Still, please don't shoot the
messenger too much.


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