Reminder: non-mpsafetty drivers to be *dis*connected on Sunday

Sam Leffler sam at
Sun Aug 3 17:45:15 UTC 2008

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> In message: <20080801134435.GQ99951 at>
>             Ed Schouten <ed at> writes:
> : Maybe I'm replying to too many messages at the same time, but as John
> : said, it's a lot easier making the remaining drivers work after the code
> : has been integrated. It's not like we're permanently carving things into
> : stone - we've almost got a full year to get it all working again.
> We've heard this promise before.  It rarely has resulted in the
> promised work.  I don't think this is the right way forward.

I'll point out that my vap work languished for almost 3 years waiting 
for help to convert drivers.  That help never really came; people did 
pitch in towards the end (not to belittle the help I received) but in 
the end it took sponsorship to see it into the tree.  Even now there are 
drivers that are unfinished (ipw comes to mind) and much work still remains.

I am solidly behind Ed and believe his plan is the correct one.


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