Reminder: non-mpsafetty drivers to be connected on Sunday

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Aug 3 17:32:14 UTC 2008

In message: <20080801113935.GM99951 at>
            Ed Schouten <ed at> writes:
: Hi all,
: One month ago I sent a schedule to the lists about the MPSAFE TTY code
: I'm working on. It contained the following:
: * Ed Schouten <ed at> wrote:
: > August 3 2008:
: > 	Disconnect drivers from the build that haven't been patched in
: > 	the MPSAFE TTY branch.
: This means I'm going to disconnect these drivers on Sunday. I posted a
: list of drivers some time ago. The list of drivers is a little different
: than what I had posted:
: - I omitted ppp(4) and sl(4) on purpose, because I expected they would
:   already have been disconnected by this time (IFF_NEEDSGIANT).
: - It seems I forgot to mention ucycom(4) and ufoma(4). These have not
:   been ported to the new TTY layer.
: This means the complete list of drivers is:
: | USB: ubser(4), ucycom(4), ufoma(4)
: | ISA/PCI: cx(4), cy(4), digi(4), rc(4), rp(4), si(4), sio(4)
: | Line disciplines: ng_h4(4), ng_tty(4), ppp(4), sl(4), snp(4)

This is a lot of functionality to remove on such short notice.

: There are a couple of important things to mention here:
: - Some line disciplines (ng_h4(4), ng_tty(4) and snp(4)) will be
:   restored in the future. After the new TTY code has been imported, a
:   hooks interface shall be developed, which will allow these drivers to
:   work once again.

Can't you push off the import until these things are done.  There have
been too many empty promises in the past to accept this at face value.

: - PC98 still uses the sio(4) driver. I've decided not to touch PC98 at
:   this moment. I'll contact the PC98 folks one of these days, to see if
:   we can already perform a partial migration to uart(4).
: Wrapping up, I'd like to say I really hope we can one day see these
: drivers reappear in FreeBSD. Fortunately we've still got a long time
: before 8.0-RELEASE.

You are moving too fast on this.  Please slow down.  You promised
documentation and such, but that hasn't happened, so a slowdown in
your timeline is justified.

thank you for your consideration.


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