[BSD6] SSH Restriction

karim.bourenane at orange-ftgroup.com karim.bourenane at orange-ftgroup.com
Fri Aug 1 12:16:11 UTC 2008

Hi Ed

Thank for your reply and information. 
Just confirmation, login.conf is used juste for login access as telnet, not for ssh. Its right ?

So we waiting your reply for openssh.

Thanks you very much.


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Hello Karim,

* karim.bourenane at orange-ftgroup.com <karim.bourenane at orange-ftgroup.com> wrote:
> I have one question. How i can restrict ( limit ) 1 user to have for 
> exemple 5 ssh connection in simutanous time, no more ?

It's quite funny you ask this question, because I've been working on this last week.

The new TTY code, which I'll commit next week, adds a new rlimit to the kernel called RLIMIT_NPTS. This rlimit allows you to limit the number of pseudo-terminals allocated by a single user. This means you can limit the number of login sessions by tuning the "pseudoterminals" field in /etc/login.conf.

This seems to work with tools like screen(1), xterm(1), etc.
Unfortunately I didn't get it working with OpenSSH, because OpenSSH allocates terminals while been root. I've already contacted the OpenSSH folks about this, but I haven't got any response (yet).

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