Snapshot 8.0-CURRENT-200807-amd64

Ian FREISLICH ianf at
Fri Aug 1 04:25:27 UTC 2008

"Josh Carroll" wrote:
> >> Has anyone managed to install from the 8.0-CURRENT-200807-amd64
> >> snapshot?  The bootonly image couldn't find the distribution on the
> >> master site and disc1 gave me endless cpio "bad number" errors.
> >>
> >> In the end I booted the livefs image and did the install by hand
> >> using the shell.
> >>
> >> It could be the hardware - it's a new MacBook Pro.  The keyboard
> >> kind of works but mostly generates wierd scan codes.  There may be
> >> other quirks.
> I don't think it's the hardware.
> I'm trying to install from disc1, and it hung around 2%, then 5% and
> now 7%. It's slowly but surely moving along, but there definitely
> seems to be something awry with the disc1 image. This is from the iso
> directly, and not a burned copy, by the way.

Try alt-f2.  It looks like someone ran chargen through cpio.


Ian Freislich

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