bge driver causes freeze

Cristi Magherusan cristi.magherusan at
Sun Sep 23 16:15:34 PDT 2007


I tried the latest snapshot on my HP 6710b laptop, and it behaves just
like the one from august, as reported in this message:

ACPI reports an error, something about out of range temperature value,
then locks the system waiting for some event. By mistake I've found a
workaround by unplugging then plugging back the power cable. In 6.2 it
reported the same error, but didn't lock.

The real problem is the bge driver that seems to have a critical
regression from 6.2 and completely freezes the system at boot.
Did anyone experienced similar problems of with current bge driver on
another hardware, or this bug happens only with this laptop model? 

Best Regards,

Cristi Magherusan,
Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj - Napoca
Centrul de Comunicatii "Pusztai Kalman"
Tel. 0264/401247
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