Question about netstat -s output (xx discarded due to memory problems)

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Sun Oct 7 16:13:22 PDT 2007

On 2007-Oct-07 18:45:19 +0200, Rolf Witt <fbsd-st at> wrote:
>which is the exact cause of: "46 discarded due to memory problems"
>(section tcp) in a netstat -s output?

Looking at the source, this is tcps_rcvmemdrop - which is incremented
in sys/netinet/tcp_reass.c:tcp_reass() when either:
- A segment is dropped to prevent the TCP reassembly queue getting too large
  (this will also increment net.inet.tcp.reass.overflows)
- A new queue entry can't be allocated because tcp_reass_zone is full.

>Since the Sourcen of in the middle of Septembers see I there values
>greater than zero.

This implies you are receiving excessive out-of-order packets - which
is undesirable but not under your control.

Peter Jeremy
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