7-current freeze on HP6710b with BroadCom (bge0)

Roman Pavlik rp at tns.cz
Thu Oct 4 01:57:17 PDT 2007

Please let me know if I can be of any help to fix this bug. 

On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 01:00:39PM +0200, Roman Pavlik wrote:
>  7-current freezes on HP6710b (even without acpi) if BroadCom ethernet
>  is enabled in BIOS. The workaround is to disable Ethernet in BIOS. 
>  pciconf -lv said:
>      vendor     = 'Broadcom Corporation'
>      class      = network
>      subclass   = ethernet
>  cbb0 at pci2:4:0:	class=0x060700 card=0x30c0103c chip=0x04761180 rev=0xb6 hdr=0x02
> Please note that support for the chip=0x04761180 was added to 
> the FreeBSD 6.2-stable and is not included in the 6.2-release. Please note 
> also that the FreeBSD 6-2 stable works on this machine without any
> problem (both chip=0x04761180 and acpi works fine).


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