gprof's broken in 7-CURRENT

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Thu Nov 29 18:42:55 PST 2007

Nikos Ntarmos wrote:
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> On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 08:24:52PM +0000, Luoqi Chen wrote:
>>> And to think that I mentioned this problem 5-6 months ago with gcc 4.2.x 
>>> and now it finally gets publicity...
>> Did I just hear someone volunteered to be a guinea pig?
>> Garrett, would you like to try out my fix? It's actually quite simple,
> [...]
>> This file is in the kernel tree, but the change only affects libc build.
>> If you don't want to redo a world build, you may copy the patched profile.h
>> to /usr/include/machine and "make all install" inside /usr/src/lib/libc.
>> Then re-link -pg compiled code and try it out.
> Hi again.
> I couldn't wait for Garrett :) so I went on and tested your patch and
> gprof seems to work fine for me (at least for the executables I was
> interested in profiling anyway). This is i386 on a 7.0-BETA3 kernel and
> 7.0-BETA1 world. What are the chances for this to be committed in time
> for 7.0R?
> Thanks.
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    I'll be sure to give it a toss when I get back home. I'd expect a 
reply sometime tomorrow morning (PST)..
Thanks again for all of your work!

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