Run Current on a MacBook

eculp eculp at
Thu Nov 29 09:56:45 PST 2007

I am a half step away from buying a MacBook based on the following  

   1. I should run current and it has the SMP problem fixed.
   2. It can be dual booted between OSX and FreeBSD?
      a. The handbook only mentions that it can be run as a guest OS.
      b. Is there a short list to run both OS's I've done this with
         windows many times over the years but I have on idea where to
         start with Mac.  Example: Clean the disk and start with FBSD
         or somehow compress the MacOSX file system and use the rest
         for BSD, etc. etc.
   3. I should probably run the AMD64 version of Current?

Thanks for any input and suggestions even a "Don't do it for certain  
reasons". This is totally uncharted territory for me.

Have a great day,


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