Any successful installs on a Broadcom HT1000 chipset?

Søren Schmidt sos at
Wed Nov 28 23:10:58 PST 2007

Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:
> John Baldwin wrote:
>> Again, on the machines I'm seeing this on it was totally disabled.  I 
>> don't think
>> I can totally disable DMA (NICs etc. must use DMA) on the machines 
>> and since they
>> are in production and I only see the corruption as an after-effect 
>> when the boxes
>> panic or deadlock for another reason I'm not easily able to reproduce 
>> this.  Also,
>> we do disable MSI for devices behind HT2000 chipsets because of a 
>> chip bug, but
>> not on HT1000 currently.  However, MSI isn't on on 6.x anyway.
> Hi, John.
> Anton Yuzhaninov has mentioned in the top of this thread that
> this bug may be easy reproduced by using external PCI-X card.
> He tried use PCI-X Marvell card and got lots of corruptions on
> the integrated HT1000. Can you or Soren try the same way to
> reproduce?
As I told earlier the fileserver I have here with the HT1000 chip also 
has a marvel 6081 and it is on PCI-X. There are 4 disks on each and it 
moves lots of data around on a daily basis, no problems whatsoever. I 
have planned downtime today on it and will experiment with it, but I 
can't hold it off for too long...


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