Any successful installs on a Broadcom HT1000 chipset?

Søren Schmidt sos at
Wed Nov 28 06:15:11 PST 2007

ttw+bsd at wrote:
> On 28.11-08:42, John Baldwin wrote:
> [ ... ]
>> The ata driver doesn't use MSI (no calls to pci_msi_count or pci_msi_alloc,
>> etc.), so this isn't an issue.  Also, the boxes I've seen the corruption on
>> already have MSI disabled (it's still disabled by default in 6.x).
> can't comment too informatively/productively but when trying to upgrade
> to 7 via BETA install i'm getting DMA errors.  i will try to post
> more info when system has some downtime.
> can confirm the roll back to 6.2 appears to make things happy again.
Could you try to take /sys/dev/ata/* from releng_6 and fit it into the 
6.2 system please ?
Should fit in there without too much trouble, and take ATA alone to 
R7/-current level.


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