Any successful installs on a Broadcom HT1000 chipset?

Søren Schmidt sos at
Tue Nov 27 23:45:19 PST 2007

John Baldwin wrote:
> FYI, I've seen weird in-memory corruption with machines with the HT1000_S1 
> atapci device.  In all the cases I've seen so far, a single page is corrupted 
> with garbage and the page happens to be used by UMA to hold credentials 
> including proc0's credentials.  I've seen this corruption (trashed creds for 
> proc0 and other creds in that page) on many of the same boxes (Dell 1435's 
> IIRC) running on 6.2.  I've tried switching the HT1000_S1 to use SWKSMIO 
> rather SWKS100 as I mentioned to you in an earlier e-mail (the Linux driver 
> uses equivalent of SWKSMIO FWIW) but don't have any conclusive tests on that.
OK, seems the chipset has some real problems, I have digged through all 
the (very little) docs and info I got from serverworks back when, and 
the only thing I can find is that the chips doesn't support MSI in any 
shape or fashion or it will do really strange things.
Now on my system it seems to be disabled but I'm not sure yet how its 
determined to be that way. Would be worth for you guys to check what the 
sysctl's "hw.pci.enable_msi" and "hw.pci.enable_msix" are set to.
I havn't looked into this yet, but I'm pretty sure we added MSI support 
in the 6.2 -> 7.0 timeframe, so that might have uncovered this chipset 
bug, and possibly the Promise data corruption one as well.


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