Versions.def (was Re: cvs commit: src/lib/libc/gen

Jason Evans jasone at
Tue Nov 27 13:44:16 PST 2007

Alexander Kabaev wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 16:22:21 +0000 (UTC)
> Jason Evans <jasone at> wrote:
>>   Modified files:
>>     lib/libc/gen 
>>   Log:
>>   Add _pthread_mutex_init_calloc_cb to libc's map, for which malloc
>> defines a stub.
> Is it a new function in FreeBSD 8.0 or are you planning to commit it to
> FreeBSD 7.0-current. If it is for 8.0 only, it does not belong where
> you put it.

My intent is to MFC this change after FreeBSD 7.0 is released.  This 
brings up some questions and problems.  This change adds 
_pthread_mutex_init_calloc_cb as a private interface that is implemented 
by lib{c,thr,kse}, so from the user's perspective there is no API 
change, but of course the libraries have to be in sync with each other.

1) Do we need to introduce a new namespace to src/lib/libc/Versions.def 
for such a change?

2) If we do introduce a new namespace in RELENG_7, does that mean that 
every time we MFC an interface, we have to add a new namespace?

3) Suppose that we do add the FBSDprivate_1.1 namespace.  It it a 
successor to FBSD_1.1 or FBSDprivate_1.0?  It appears that we cannot 
have it both ways, which leads me to suspect that FBSDprivate_1.0 should 
not be a successor to FBSD_1.0 (i.e. it should have no dependencies), 
and that FBSDprivate_1.1 should be a successor to FBSDprivate_1.0.

FWIW, it looks like once we get the Versions.def issues figured out, I'm 
guessing that _pthread_mutex_init_calloc_cb should be in 
src/lib/libc/stdlib/ since its definition is in the stdlib 
directory rather than the gen directory.


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