7.0-BETA3 kernel panic when unplugging USB stick

Andriy Gapon avg at icyb.net.ua
Tue Nov 27 00:50:51 PST 2007

on 26/11/2007 18:50 Matthias Schmidt said the following:
> Hi,
> * Mark Linimon wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 11:00:45AM +0100, Matthias Schmidt wrote:
>>> When I plugged out the stick, I got the below messages followed by a
>>> kernel panic:
>> Unfortunately, a well-known problem that will require some serious
>> re-architecting to fix.
> OK, thanks for the answer.  Could you elaborate on that topic a bit
> further.  Is there a difference between unplugging a "recognized" USB
> stick and an "unrecognized" USB stick?

Not an answer to this particular question but to the thread in general:
I have here certain combination of a card reader and a miniSD card that
causes the same symptom. If I use the card with other reader -
everything's OK, if I use the reader with other card - everything's OK,
use them together - very strange problems: the card is not recognized,
some error messages are spewed onto console every now and then, panic on
plugging out.
I just gave up, blaming this on hardware incompatibility and cursed the
vendors :-)
As additional information point: the combination didn't work with other
OSes I tried, neither Linux nor Windows 2K recognized the card. But they
didn't panic.

Just in case:
the reader - Trust CR-1420P
the card - SanDisk SDSDM-2048

So it might happen that you also have a hardware problem with your USB
stick. Panic might be a result of that plus certain fragility of FreeBSD
USB stack + CAM.

Andriy Gapon

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